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This week’s topic is serious. I am encouraging you to live aware and informed; to do so is to be empowered. Living mindfully is necessary in this day and age for our health and continued well-being.

Since 1996 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have been introduced significantly in our food chain for human and animal consumption.  Originally it was just in corn and soy  but now it is sugar beets, tomatoes and papaya.

Our brightly colored food packaging in grocery stores is alluring yet filled with GMOs . These processed foods are harmful to your health quickly gaining access to your body through your gut.

A recent peer reviewed 23-week study in the Journal of Organic Systems showed pigs fed a GMO diet developed a higher rate of stomach inflammation than pigs fed a comparable non-GMO diet.  A French study on rats fed Monsanto’s genetically modified corn had a higher incidence of tumors, organ failure and premature death.

A herbicide used in GMO crops called glyphosate or Roundup appears to suppress the growth of good gut bacteria which leads to the overgrowth of bad gut bacteria.  The growth of bad gut bacteria could cause a deadly bacteria called Clostridum botulinum.  This bacteria can kill you.

Our current agricultural practices of using GMO crops is increasing the incidence of infectious diseases which the CDC’s director called ‘nightmare bacteria.’  As a primary care provider I am seeing a number of patients’ stool tests with an over growth of bad gut bacteria.  Over time these highly toxic bugs in our food chain bio-accumulate in our fat cells and increase the total body burden accelerating aging and promoting ill health.

The fancy foods in our grocery stores that catch our eye and appetite have not been adequately studied to see how safe they are for human consumption. Evidence is mounting to show GMO foods cause a leaky gut, increased food allergies, autoimmune disease and numerous inflammatory conditions.

A study in 2004 on human intake of GMO foods showed the genetically modified genes transfer into the gut lining and cause them to alter genetic function thus producing pesticides.  Eighty percent of all corn now is genetically modified and corn is in a lot of our food. The engineers put the “Bt toxin” gene into the DNA of the corn so it will make its own toxins to kill pests. The Bt gene comes from soil bacteria, Bacillus thuringiensis, so it belongs in that natural environment.  It does not belong in the microflora of the gut lining so that your intestines become a toxin-manufacturing machine.

Every individual who chooses to eat GMO foods is allowing themselves and their offspring to be test subjects for greatest human experiment in the history of human beings. Begin by not eating any processed foods or industrial oils (soy, canola); try to eat only organic corn and papayas.

Check out the YouTube video “The World According to Monsanto” for what we are up against.  We have a choice daily. Choose no GMOs.

To your health,

Dr. Dana

Remnant Health Center

“People are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health and are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food.” Wendell Berry


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