Up Your Bum With Love

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Photo courtesy of flickr.com user Daveybot, used via Creative Commons licensing.

Colon hydrotherapists are individuals that are passionate about intestinal health. These special people have a calling to cleanse, heal and empower their clients from the orifice of the derriere. Who would have thought such people exist, but thank goodness they do.

Colon hydrotherapists are certified health professionals often with a massage license because a colon irrigation will require massage of the abdomen. The role of abdominal massage is to help dislodge trapped and adhered fecal material on the colon wall.

Colon therapy is very effective for constipation. Stool can become lodged on the colon wall for years and can remain like cement.

A series of colon irrigations can free up fecal impaction and help the colon walls to move again.  The issue of constipation can be helped tremendously with this intervention.

The process of colon irrigation is about 45 minutes in duration. A small speculum will be inserted into the rectum. This could be uncomfortable if you have internal hemorrhoids. The speculum is attached to a plastic hose which is connected to the colon irrigation machine.

Once the hose is inserted the colon hydrotherapist will adjust the volume and water temperature that will run from the colon irrigation machine into the rectum.  The whole colon will be irrigated.  The water stimulation will trigger the colon walls to move or cause peristaltic contractions.

The rectum is filled for a short duration with a specific volume that is comfortable for the individual.  As contractions occur in the colon the individual will begin to release fecal matter through a another hose that runs back to the colon irrigation machine and can be viewed through a plastic window .

The excrement that is released is always interesting to see.  Mucous, parasites and old fecal debris (dark black in color) will be expelled.

It is not uncommon to expel a fare amount of gas during the beginning treatments. This experience is not painful or uncomfortable if conducted properly.  So consider colon hydrotherapy for a cleaner and efficient colon.

For more information about constipation and how your body works, please listen to my recent interview with Rosemarie Sicilano, a colon hydrotherapist in Scottsdale, Arizona.

To your health,

Dr. Dana

Remnant Health Center



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