Dr. Dana with a patient at Remnant Health Center

Dr. Dana with a patient at Remnant Health Center

Hello everyone! My name is Dr. Dana Rosdahl and I’m the voice of “Are You Well.” I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner with a PhD in clinical nursing research, and co-owner of Remnant Health Center in Chandler, Arizona.

I began my health journey as a 20-something trying to make a difference in the world. After I got some traveling under my belt, and picked up a few hitchhikers along the way (the medical, invasive kind), I decided that my calling was in healthcare. Specifically, in improving the health of those around me.

Today, I’ve found myself at the head of my own successful health practice. But I want to do more. I want to reach beyond the four walls of my practice and reach a global audience, to make real change. I’m here to empower people who think health is an impossible goal.

I’m here for you. So are you ready to get well?

Please note: The photo included in my banner is being used under Creative Commons licensing from flickr user winnifredxoxo. All photos are mine unless attributed.


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